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Discover, Share & Connect
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Go beyond the limits of your YouTube algorithm to find new videos and channels.
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Discover New Content

YouShare redefines how we explore YouTube. It allows friends to access each other's YouTube Home Feeds, presenting a wealth of content that goes beyond the limitations of individual algorithms.

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One-Click Sharing

One-click sharing takes center stage in this innovative Chrome Extension, an aria of simplicity that bridges the distance between friends with a single, elegant gesture.

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Mutual Promotion

YouShare empowers influencers to collaborate and support one another by pinning and sharing each other's content.

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A Game-Changer in
YouTube Content Discovery

Welcome to the future of YouTube, brought to you by YouShare. This groundbreaking Chrome extension is reimagining content discovery and video sharing, allowing users to share and follow each other's homepage recommendations for a personalized experience. With YouShare, users can explore an exciting new dimension on their YouTube homepage. A list of YouShare user buttons, showcasing usernames and profile pictures, appears right above your own YouTube feed. Clicking on these buttons allows you to follow other YouShare users and to access their youtube home page feeds.

Effortless Video Sharing

YouShare's one-click sharing functionality takes video sharing to the next level. After installing the extension, a horizontal YouShare friends list appears below the video title and above the comments section. With a single click, the video is sent to the chosen friend, who will receive a notification on their YouTube homepage.

The one-click sharing functionality redefines the way you share videos, making it faster and more efficient than ever before. Say goodbye to the hassle of copying links, navigating to other apps or websites, and cumbersome sharing processes.

Additionally, the YouShare logo isn't just an emblem; it's your key to streamlined sharing. Simply by clicking on the YouShare logo while on any watch page, the corresponding video is sent to all your YouShare followers. In a single click, your content arrives on their home page, uniting convenience and connectivity.

With YouShare, your friends will receive the videos you sent directly on their YouTube homepage, ensuring they can enjoy your shared content when they're ready. This ingenious approach ensures that your friends receive video recommendations while they're actively browsing YouTube, eliminating the inconvenience of receiving videos when they're engaged in other activities. By delivering video suggestions during active YouTube browsing, YouShare significantly increases the likelihood of the videos you send being watched and appreciated.

Installing YouShare is entirely free.
So what's in it for us?
Well, some YouShare features are premium.
Users that wish to take their YouTube experience even further can subscribe to YouShare+ for a monthly fee.

We are not selling user data. We value your privacy and are committed to safeguarding your personal information.

Also, all YouShare functionalities are set to private by default. Even if you choose to keep everything on private and do not wish to manually change your privacy settings to public, you will still have the ability to access other users' YouTube home pages, given that their privacy settings permit it. Moreover, the one-click sharing functionality will remain accessible, enabling you to send videos to your followers effortlessly. Similarly, you will continue to receive videos shared via the one-click sharing feature from the people you follow.

We exclusively use the information we collect to provide and maintain YouShare's features and functionality, to personalize your experience with YouShare, to improve the quality and performance of YouShare, to communicate with you by sending notifications about video shares, friend requests, and other important updates and functionalities, as well as to protect the security and integrity of YouShare.

How to:
Add a friend on YouShare

After installing YouShare, obtain your invitation link by clicking the "Invite Friends" button.

Step 1: Bring some friends

Reveal YouShare to your friends

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Enter your friends' usernames in the YouShare search bar, then follow them by clicking on the plus icon.

Step 2: Search for a friend

Exchange YouShare usernames

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Once you both follow each other, activate the 1-Click-Sharing feature by clicking on your friends' YouShare button on any watch page. Videos sent through this feature will appear on your respective YouTube home pages.

Step 3: Enjoy sharing within YouTube

Unleash the 1-Click-Sharing Magic

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Spotlight Your Favorite YouTube Videos with Pins

Clicking on a user's button unveils a wealth of content, as your homepage recommendations transform into the clicked user's video suggestions. If they've pinned videos, those will appear at the top of the recommendations. This feature allows you to give prominence to certain videos on your YouShare feed. It also fosters collaboration between content creators, allowing them to mutually pin each other's videos, and helps you discover hidden gems beyond your regular browsing experience.

Share YouTube videos

Pinned videos can be visible to all YouShare users, allowing them to explore curated videos and decide whether to follow a YouShare user. This public visibility of pinned videos is distinct from the one-click sharing functionality, which enables you to send videos exclusively to your friends and followers. By mutually pinning each other's videos, creators can expand their reach and grow their audiences, tapping into a wider network of viewers. In contrast, one-click sharing focuses on personal connections. YouShare's dual approach helps users discover hidden gems beyond their regular recommendations, exposing them to a diverse range of creators and ideas. This results in a more connected, engaging, and personalized YouTube experience, catering to individual preferences and promoting content discovery.

Subscribe to YouShare+ to use YouShare without limitations.

5€/month with a 7 days free trial

Enjoy 1-click sharing to its full extent and share as many videos as you want. Share endless amounts of content with your friends and followers without any restrictions. Enjoy the freedom to share any video you find intriguing, amusing, or important, ensuring that your community never misses out on content you love.

Unlimited 1-click-sharing

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Expand your influence with 4 Pin Slots on your YouShare feed. This enhanced feature enables you to showcase a broader array of your favorite videos prominently. It's an excellent way to highlight content that resonates with you or to support fellow content creators by pinning their work.

4 Pin Slots

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Get the full algorithm sharing experience. This feature removes any limitations on how much content you can discover through YouShare. It's like having a never-ending treasure trove of entertainment and information at your fingertips, continuously updated and curated by your friends and the other users you follow.

Unlimited Feed Scrolling

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Gain complete access to the history of videos you've shared through YouShare. This invaluable tool allows you to revisit and keep track of all the videos you've shared and received. It's perfect for those moments when you want to look back on a video you've previously shared or received.

Chat & Shared History

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Personalize your YouShare button with exclusive Limited Edition Skins. These first edition animated skins offer a unique way to customize your YouShare button, making your feed stand out. The skins are not just aesthetically pleasing but also add a touch of personality and flair to your interactions on the platform.

Limited Edition Button Skins

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As long as you're subscribed to YouShare+, two of your friends, collegues or family members will have access to YouShare+ for free. As a subscriber, you will receive 2 affiliate codes granting two YouShare users complimentary access to all the premium features of YouShare+.

2 Golden Tickets

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Installing YouShare and creating an account is required to subscribe to YouShare+
If you're already a YouShare user, you can subscribe to the premium by opening your YouShare dashboard and navigating to the YouShare+ tab.

Different People, Different Algorithms

YouShare takes your YouTube experience to the next level by allowing you to explore content through different algorithms tailored by your friends and favorite influencers. While retaining the familiar YouTube interface, YouShare seamlessly integrates personalized recommendations from various users into your homepage, offering you a diverse range of content that you might not have encountered otherwise.

With YouShare, you can now immerse yourself in the unique viewing preferences of others, discovering fresh content, hidden gems, and new perspectives beyond the boundaries of your own algorithm. Experience YouTube like never before, as YouShare brings together different people, different algorithms, and the same YouTube platform you know and love.


YouShare is a Chrome Extension developed by a team of independent developers, designed to work exclusively on on desktop to enhance user experience by enabling algorithm sharing and other social features. YouShare is not endorsed by, directly affiliated with, maintained, or sponsored by YouTube, Google Chrome, or any of their subsidiaries or affiliates. All product and company names are the registered trademarks of their original owners. The use of any trade name or trademark is for identification and reference purposes only and does not imply any association with the trademark holder or their product brand.

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